I am a trompe l'oeil artist. I truly enjoy deceiving one's eye. It is somewhat amusing to be visually tricked by the hand of an artist. It took years to learn that realism was my forte. I've painted everything from a lady on the phone, to a hand towel on a chrome ring in the powder room to a faux window with the illusion of shutters opening into the room, overlooking a beach front deck and lighthouse. One of my personal favorites is my trompe l'oeil on a plain wooden box that appears to be an antique leather trunk. I truly enjoy painting illusions that Fool Your Eye.

I also paint nurseries, children's rooms and playrooms. I love to paint animals. They are realistic, yet cute. They are painted in a style that children can grow up with. It makes me happy to watch children interact with the animals that I have painted for them and kiss them good night.

One of the most gratifying parts of my job are the people I have met along the way. I sincerely love my job. It makes me feel good inside to see the satisfaction and pleasure in the eyes of my clients.
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