Do you have a cathedral wall that you just don't know what to do with?
Do you have a small room that needs to appear larger?
Do you have a laundry chute or storage access that is an eyesore?
Do you want something that no one else has? Something unique?
Do you want something painted that will have people coming back for another look?

Tammy Hinkle has the answers! She has the talent and she has the desire. Explore the possibilities!

Is your home in the desert or country and your heart in the tropics? Sometimes your job or family determines where you live but hand painted artwork can create the environment you have always dreamed of. Your study can have the view of the beach and your dining room can overlook a colorful garden. Hand painted murals and trompe l'oeil could add that special touch that completes the room decor.
Costen Floors
Cala Lily Headboard
Light House Window
Over the Door Window
Open Air Window
Sports Bedroom
Jungle Bath Kites
Shelf Stone Wall
Mirror Wet Bar Fruit Tile
Hand Towel
Trunk (smaller)
Palm Trees Sofa Mural
Underwater Mural
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- Loft -
- Cala Lily Headboard -
- Costen Floors -
Usually large scale murals are found in businesses. Sometimes, especially in contemporary design, you may find this type of artwork in someone's home.
Faux windows make a windowless room feel larger, they add color to the room, and make a great conversation piece. Window illusions can also be painted on canvas, wood or Gatorfoam, making them tangible. This type of trompe l'oeil can work in just about any room of your house or business.
- Open Air Window -
- Over the Door Window -
- Lighthouse Window -
A variety of themes can be painted in these areas. The most popular are animals. They are painted realistic yet cute, in a style that they never outgrow. Sport themes can be achieved in many ways. It can be a full coverage mural or it can be trompe l'oeil carefully placed. Nurseries are another great place for hand painted artwork. From hot air balloons to kites on the ceiling . . . the possibilities are endless.
- Sports Bedroom -
- Jungle Bath -
- Kites -
Hand painted artwork that fools your eye.
- Shelf -
- Alcove -
- Stone Wall -
- Fruit Tile -
- Wet Bar -
- Mirror -
- Trunk 2 -
- Trunk 1 -
- Hand Towel -
Murals are usually full coverage but sometimes only cover one wall. They can be painted in any room of the house or business. Some common places to find a mural are in the master bath around the Jacuzzi and in children's rooms. It gives a small room a spacious feel.
- Palm Trees -
- Sofa Mural -
- Underwater Mural -