Dear Tammy,

I must tell you how pleased we are with the Trompe l'oeil you painted for us in our master bath. It gives me the look of a shelf filled with trinkets, but none of the mess! My guests are amazed when they realize it is not real.

Tammy, you are a very a talented artist. We were also thrilled how you scheduled and performed your work in such a neat and expeditious fashion. We look forward to doing another project with you in the near future.


Judy & Bob Richmon

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Tammy Hinkle of U Neeek Walls is a talented and dedicated artist with a very special gift. She specializes in Trompe l'oeil style painting which translates to "fool the eye". Her work includes painting scenes on walls that give the impression one could walk right into the picture to transforming a plain wooden box into an heirloom storage trunk complete with painted unfastened leather straps and handles that appear three dimensional. It is not until you touch it that you realize you have been fooled. Tammy takes pride in her ability and works on each piece with great care. It is a rare pleasure to own a piece of her artwork.

Karen Levitt
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Dear Tammy,

I just want to thank you again for the fabulous work you have done for us. You have such a wonderful gift in being able to take my ideas and build on them to become exactly what I envision, but don't have the talent to produce! I hope to continue to find new spaces in my house for you to work your magic!

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"Clear vision begins with healthy eyes"

Dr. Stephen j. Campana, O.D., P.C.
7135 Staples Mill Road
Richmond, Va. 23228

"What you see is not always what you get"

By: Dr. Stephen j. Campana

I have been a board-certified eye doctor for the past 12 years with a specialty in child vision development and treatments of binocular dysfunctions. This can range from the everyday computer strained individual to the more complicated strabismus or patient with an eye-turn/ lazy eye muscle. In all these cases, achieving binocular vision is the goal of the treatment plan. Binocular vision is the ability for both eyes to see at the same plane. Therefore, achieving the perfected 20/20 vision level, as well as, perceiving both proper depth perception and color analysis. Without binocular vision a person's visual world can be very challenging. This now brings us to the title, "what you see is not always what you get". Tammy Hinkle, is a patient of mine who has broken all the rules in regards to what is expected out of a non- binocular vision person.

When evaluated, I found that she had a left strabismus, meaning her left eye muscle deviated to the outside which therefore gave her a best corrected vision of 20/100. The right eye positioned normally and she had 20/20 vision. Because both eyes do not position in a straight ahead alignment, binocular vision can not be achieved. I explained this to Tammy and told her that this would lead to poor depth perception and may even affect her color perception. This is when Tammy said "Oh Really" with a giggle. She then pulled out a small portfolio from her purse and showed me her craft. She is a wall mural artist who's specialty is artwork which gives 3-dimensional perception. Her work was not only talented and beautiful, but amazing, considering her eye history. Her work truly did have the 3-dimensional effect that a person without binocular vision should not be able to achieve. This only can be explained by her cerebral cortex extraordinaire.

I then finished the eye examination by hiring Tammy to paint a mural in my home! Which, by the way, is beautiful!


Stephen j. Campana, O.D.
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Tammy Hinkle is a local, very gifted artist. We were very pleased with her magic works of art in our home. Family, friends and relatives are drawn and marvel over the large great room mural and the unique painted mirror frame, in our guest bathroom. We are very happy with Tammy's talented and magical brush strokes.

Micki and Barry Spector

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To whom it may concern:

Tammy transformed a nondescript wall in our home into a treasured work of art. A conversation piece, our "pretend" wet bar draws rave reviews from everyone who visits. Tammy has been blessed with rare gifts--of talent, vision and creativity. We were thrilled to have the opportunity to have her parlay these talents into something we have enjoyed and will continue to enjoy for years to come. She is a delight to work with and epitomizes the term "professional".

Dean and Janell Rhee
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